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WonderWorks Museum in Pigeon Forge

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge TN Amazing Guest Of All Ages

WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge is a fun entertainment center for the whole family featuring more than 100 interactive exhibits on science themes such as physics, space and math. For example, guests to WonderWorks can feel hurricane force winds, experience a simulated earthquake and discover space exploration. WonderWorks opens daily at 9 AM, and general admission covers all exhibits and a ropes challenge course.

WonderWorks is perhaps the most unusual building in Pigeon Forge, as it appears completely upside down from the exterior. As a matter of fact, when entering the building everything appears to be upside down. Therefore, to participate in the activities at WonderWorks, guests must enter an inversion tunnel to be turned right side up! Once guests have properly realigned themselves, they can start to experience the many fun interactive exhibits.

The WonderWorks exhibit areas are broken into zones, such as the Disaster Zone, Challenge Zone and Space Zone. The Disaster Zone recreates the infamous 1989 San Francisco earthquake in a simulation where guests will experience a quake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale! The Challenge Zone is an area where guests can test their physical strength and dexterity in a variety of activities including a rock climbing wall. The Space Zone allows guests to explore a life size replica of an Astronaut Space Suit and Mercury Capsule.

Additional exhibits at WonderWorks include the Bed of Nails, Wonder Coasters, Bubble Lab and the Far Out Illusion Gallery. The Bed of Nails is a fascinating exhibit which gives guests the opportunity to lie down on top of a bed of 3,500 sharp nails and learn why they do not feel the pressure of the nails. Wonder Coasters is a unique exhibit where guests use physics to design the wildest rollercoaster of their imagination, and then actually ride their creation! The Bubble Lab gives guests a chance to create a huge bubble and even go inside it. Finally, the Far Out Illusion Gallery presents a variety of illusions to challenge guests’ perceptions.

To compliment the illusions, science exhibits and entertainment inside of the building, WonderWorks presents a magic show called the Wonders of Magic. This show features magician Terry Evanswood performing tricks from the sleight of hand to illusions on a grand scale. The Wonders of Magic is a separately ticketed event from WonderWorks, but combination tickets are available that include both WonderWorks and the show.