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Everything You Need to Know About Carver’s Apple Orchard

Tucked away in Cosby, Tennessee is a place you won’t regret visiting on your vacation: Carver’s Orchard & Applehouse Restaurant. The orchard sits on 75 acres and has over 40,000 trees and more than 120 varieties of apples. This hidden gem allows visitors to enjoy an apple orchard, a restaurant and a country store. We’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know about Carver’s Apple Orchard!

About Carver’s Apple Orchard

apples spilling out of basketCarver’s Apple Orchard first opened in 1942, when Kyle Carver began hand-grafting and planting apple trees in what was once a cornfield. Now, this family-run orchard stretches for 75 acres in Cosby, Tennessee. Drive along beautiful country roads before your view opens up into the rolling orchards with the Smoky Mountains in the background. Visitors love stopping by the orchard to purchase the delicious apples to take home with them. The generous staff members are there to help with your selection and to offer tips for recipes!

About Carver’s Orchard Country Store

On site, Carver’s also has a country store that’s filled with all things apple! The right side of the store is lined with bushels of apples, apple jams and jellies, and charts on how to select the apples. You’ll also find hard-pressed apple ciders that you don’t want to miss the chance to try. The country store also carries a seasonal selection of local fruits and vegetables, like squash, zucchini, watermelons and peppers. The selection is constantly changing based on the local supply. Other items in the store include apple butter, candies, soap, fried pies and more.

If you’re in the mood for a snack, head to the store’s snack bar, where you can grab a delicious, homemade apple pie!

About Carver’s Applehouse Restaurant

Fried chicken on plateCarver’s Applehouse Restaurant is a can’t-miss stop on your visit to the apple orchard. This family restaurant is famous for its down-home Southern cooking and apple dishes. You’ll definitely want to try some of their warm apple fritters as you browse the menu! The menu is full of Southern comfort food, including chicken and dumplings, fried chicken and catfish. Be sure to save room for a warm slice of apple pie for dessert! We recommend asking for a table by the window so you can enjoy views of the orchard while you dine. Once you enjoy a meal at Carver’s Applehouse Restaurant, you’ll understand why so many people return year after year!

When is Carver’s Apple Orchard Open?

Carver’s is open year-round! The most popular time to visit is the fall, but you can enjoy a delicious meal at Carver’s Applehouse Restaurant any time of year! In addition to their own orchard, Carver’s works with local farmers to supplement their supply to ensure apples are available all year long.

Where is Carver’s Apple Orchard?

Carver’s Apple Orchard is located in Cosby, TN. It’s about 20 minutes outside of Gatlinburg. The official address is 3460 Cosby Hwy, Cosby, TN 37722.

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