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5 Fun Things to Do in Pigeon Forge With Your Family

When you go on vacation to Pigeon Forge with your family, you want to plan fun activities everyone will love! With all of the activities to choose from in the area, you’ll definitely find something every member of your family will enjoy! Here are 5 fun things to do in Pigeon Forge with your family while you’re in town:

1. Lumberjack Feud Show

lumberjack feud show pigeon forge tn

Pigeon Forge is known for having entertaining shows, and one of the best ones you’ll want to see is Lumberjack Feud! This show features two lumberjack families, the Dawsons and the McGraws, competing in 13 exciting events. The audience is split right down the middle to be honorary family members, and you will cheer your family on as they participate in axe throwing, wood chopping, the boom run, and other competitive events. After each event, a lumberjack cookie is awarded to the winning family, and the family that has the most cookies at the end of the show wins! Your whole family will be cheering on your team during the show!

2. Lumberjack Adventure Park

After you watch the show, you should head over to the Lumberjack Feud Adventure Park for more fun! Your family members will be able to try some of the events you just watched in the show, including the speed climb and the boom run. If you and your kids love thrills, you have to try the controlled jump at the 80-foot-tall Timber Tower. Another thrilling ride at the Adventure Park is the world’s first zipline coaster called The Flying Ox, and you’ll definitely want to ride it! The coaster swings you through the air over Lumberjack Square, and your heart will race as you fly! After you’re done riding the coaster, take your whole family on the High Woodsman Challenge, which is a ropes course with all kinds of challenging obstacles. You won’t want to miss out on any of the fun at the Adventure Park!

3. Crave Golf Club

crave golf clubYou can’t plan a vacation to Pigeon Forge without playing at least one round of mini golf! One of the best places to play is Crave Golf Club! This dessert-themed mini golf course has an indoor course and an outdoor rooftop course where you can see all kinds of sweet features along the courses, including ice cream, cake, and candies. If you aren’t ready for the fun to end, play mini bowling or one of the escape games at Crave!

4. TopJump Trampoline and Extreme Arena

Another fun thing to do in Pigeon Forge with your family is TopJump Trampoline and Extreme Arena! They have an open jump area where you can hop, flip, and play on trampolines of all sizes. If you want more of a challenge, you should try the Cliffhanger Challenges area, which includes 21 climbing lines with a variety of different activities for all skill levels. The Fire & Ice Ninja Course will put your skills to the test as you run, jump, flip, and climb your way through the obstacle course. People of all ages will enjoy playing at TopJump!

5. Toy Box Mini Golf

toy box mini golfIf you can’t get enough mini golf, head over to Toy Box Mini Golf! This outdoor mini golf course will send you to a toy box wonderland with all of the toy themed features along the way! You’ll play challenging holes amidst Barbies, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and many other toys kids love. Your family will want to play golf again and again on this course!

You’ll love making memories with your family while you visit the Smokies. Learn more about these fun things to do in Pigeon Forge and start planning your vacation today!