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The Three Best Trails For Night Hikes At Cades Cove

Cades Cove at sunsetCades Cove is a popular attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The area is a beautiful part of the Great Smoky Mountains and many people travel far for the amazing scenery, historical sites and excellent trails. While the night may not be a traditional time for hiking, many people are choosing the evening and late at night for a relaxing hike on some of Cades Cove’s best trails.

Beard Cane

The Beard Cane trail is one of the best trails for hiking with less vision because it is incredibly flat area of Cades Cove. The trail got its name from a certain type of cane plant which grows all through Cades Cove. Beard Cane trail offers hikers a great variety of beautiful wildflowers and trees up and down towards Hatcher Mountain.

Rabbit Creek Hiking Trail

The Rabbit Creek Hiking Trail is the perfect trail for hikers seeking out quiet refuge. It is a truly solitary trail where many people enjoy listening to the sounds of nature. Hikers of the Rabbit Greek trail will see glorious trees, plants, and flowers all along a very easy terrain.

Gregory Bald Hiking Trail

If it is scenery and amazing views a hiker is after, Gregory Bald Hiking trail is the perfect adventure. This trail is about 4.5 miles long that runs through many other popular trails of Cades Cove. The trail allows hikers the chance to see many beautiful views of the Cades Cove area and other historical sites, too. If hikers are seeking a long but relaxing trail that works out the muscles, then the Gregory Bald Hiking trail is perfectly suited to them

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