New Show in Pigeon Forge: Acrobats of China

A woman performing in a Chinese opera.

Visit My Smokies is excited to welcome a brand new show to Pigeon Forge, TN! This November, members of the world-famous Jinan Acrobatic Troupe will make their Smoky Mountain debut in the Acrobats of China show. Featuring incredible feats of strength, jaw-dropping balancing acts, and high-flying acrobatics, this thrilling show is like nothing you have ever seen before. To help you plan your next vacation, we have put together a guide to everything you need to know about Acrobats of China in Pigeon Forge.

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Show

Reading about amazing stunts and tricks is all well and good, but words simply don’t do the Jinan Troupe justice! To see the Acrobats of China for yourself, check out this short teaser trailer for their Pigeon Forge show:

History of the Acrobats of China Show

Variety shows have existed in China since the year 200 BC! Over the centuries, Chinese acrobatics has been viewed as both popular entertainment for the masses and as a refined art form enjoyed by the Emperor and his court. Today, the Chinese government formally recognizes the best acrobatic troupes from the country’s provinces and cities. These state-sanctioned troupes join the national Acrobatic Association and perform all around the world.

The Acrobats of China show in Pigeon Forge features members of the Jinan Acrobatic Troupe. This officially sanctioned troupe hails from the city of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China.

While the Acrobats of China show is new to Pigeon Forge, it has been running in Branson, MO since 1998! The hugely popular act was introduced to Branson by Lizhi Zhao, a troupe leader who was visiting the city as a representative of the Chinese government.

A Chinese acrobat suspended in the air.What to Expect at Acrobats of China in Pigeon Forge

We recommend arriving early to the Acrobats of China show so you don’t miss the traditional Chinese tea ceremony before the performance. Held in the theater’s lobby, this beautiful ceremony is a custom that has been evolving in China for the past 1,200 years. Guests will even receive a free sample of tea to enjoy.

Once the show starts, audience members will be enthralled by the Jinan Troupe’s technicolor costumes and mind-blowing stunts. Here are just a few of the amazing feats you will witness during the show:

• Drum juggling – a tradition from the Chinese Moon Festival, which celebrates the harvest season.

• Hoop diving – a game that was once practiced by field workers who would jump through mesh hoops that were used to separate the leaves and stems from grains.

• Aerial silk – a breathtaking performance where acrobats spiral through the air while hanging from just a piece of fabric.

• Plate spinning – a staple of Chinese acrobatics since the 3rd century AD.

A masked performer in a Chinese opera.Show Location and Ticket Information

The Acrobats of China show will be held at the new Acrobats of China Theater, which is located at 2135 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN. Tickets are available for purchase on the official Acrobats of China Pigeon Forge website.

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