A Mountain Style Christmas Celebration with the Hatfields and McCoys

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Red Christmas ornament hanging on tree branchAll families can be dysfunctional, but the Hatfields and McCoys have cornered the market on dysfunctional family feuds. In Pigeon Forge this Christmas, Pa Hatfield and Ma McCoy are trying to set aside their differences until the holidays are over, and they’re inviting everyone along to watch the disaster. The Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Disaster dinner show in Pigeon Forge is a laugh-out-loud performance you’ll never forget.

There’s singing, dancing, stunts and comedy to keep you entertained with a Christmas twist. While they’re busy arguing, you won’t stop laughing. They’re trying to settle their differences country style, which means Granny has been in the kitchen all day frying up chicken and fixin’ smashed taters, barbecue, creamy cole slaw, corn on the cob, rolls, creamy vegetable soup and a special dessert.

When you enter, you’ll be seated on a family side, but don’t worry. They won’t make you fight much, just a little hooting, hollering and boot stomping is required to get your meal. In between bites, they’ll be picking and strumming mountain music.

The Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Disaster dinner show in Pigeon Forge is unforgettable, and you’ll be more thankful for your own family by the time you leave. Before and after the show, you’ll be able to buy country and mountain themed souvenirs.

Dates and showtimes can be found here.

If you’re looking for other things to do while visiting Pigeon Forge this holiday season, check out Visit My Smokies’ activities page. There you can find other great attractions and events to enjoy while you’re in town!



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