What You Need to Know: Current Road Conditions in the Smoky Mountains

Road closed and detour sign at a construction site
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Throughout the year, road conditions are likely to change due to weather, construction and traffic all across the Smoky Mountain area. We want to keep you up to date on all of the road conditions throughout Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park so you and your family can enjoy a stress free vacation without worrying about the roadways.

Take a look at all of the links below for more information about road conditions in the Smoky Mountains.

In the wintertime, you can expect to see some closures and delays throughout the season due to the snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Most often during the winter months, the roads in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will close because they are at a higher elevation where the temperatures are much cooler. Outside of the winter months, a majority of the roadways stay clear unless there’s heavy traffic or an unexpected closure.

If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute updates on weather and road conditions in the Smoky Mountains, you can always check out our most recent Smoky Mountain weather video.


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