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Two kids enjoying Zorb Smoky Mountains at the Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge.

No, That’s Not a Giant Hamster Ball: Dry Zorbing Comes to Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge

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This fall and winter, don’t be alarmed if you see what appears to be a giant hamster ball rolling down a hill in Pigeon Forge. Fortunately, our pets have not evolved into supersized monsters; it’s just Zorb – one of the hottest attractions in the Smokies! Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge has recently unveiled Drygo, a new invention that lets guests go zorbing during the colder months without getting wet. Visit My Smokies has all of the details on this exciting new activity.

How Does Wet Zorbing Work?

Hailing from New Zealand, Zorb is usually a wet and wild experience. Riders climb inside a big plastic sphere that is filled with ten gallons of water. With a little push, the Zorb slips and slides down a mountain at rapid speed, taking its passengers on an exhilarating adventure.  

How Does Dry Zorbing Work?Photo of a man zorbing down a hill covered in grass.

Wet Zorbing is a ton of fun during the spring and summer, but not everyone wants to get soaked when the temperature starts to drop. The folks at Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge, located at the old Zorb Smoky Mountains site, have found the perfect solution with Drygo!

Dry zorbing is achieved by stacking three plastic spheres inside one another, like Russian nesting dolls. Passengers ride in the smallest inner orb. This sphere is encompassed in a larger middle orb that is filled with water. Finally, the two smaller spheres are housed in a big outer orb that is 11 feet in diameter.

The genius of Drygo is the middle orb with water, which provides the necessary cushion to prevent the Zorb ride from being too rough. The passengers in the inner orb comfortably slide around on the layer of water as the entire Zorb makes its way down the hill. Up to three people can ride together, or everyone in your group can ride in their own Zorb, so you can race to the finish line! Zorbing is fun for anyone age 6 or older.

For guests who still want the wet zorbing experience in the fall and winter, Outdoor Gravity Park also offers Zorb rides with warm water!

What Other Additions Did Outdoor Gravity Park Make to Zorb Smoky Mountains?

In addition to Drygo, Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge has made a lot of improvements to the old Zorb Smoky Mountains course. One key change was extending the length of the zorbing hill. Now stretching for 1,000 feet, the hill provides a nice long ride for every trip.

A boy having fun zorbing.Outdoor Gravity Park also added a brand new attraction called the Fishpipe, the only rotating barrel water slide on earth! Riders step inside a stationary plastic orb that is filled with 20 gallons of water and rotated at 45 rpm. The result: a water slide experience unlike any other. The Fishpipe is a blast for anyone age 5 and up.

Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge is located at 203 Sugar Hollow Road, just off the Parkway at Traffic Light #1.

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