VRBO – Vacation Rentals By Owner – Search by Availability

Welcome VRBO Partners!

In July 2021, we launched new features to add even more value to our partners including:

  1. Search By AvailabilityWhen you connect your properties on VMS by either iCal or API, your properties will now show when users search by availability.
  2. No Limit To ListingsIn the past, you could only add up to 9 county listings. Upon launch later this month, you will be able to add as many listings as you have in the county that you pay Sevier County Lodging Tax on.
  3. Updated Options for Amenities, Bedroom Count, Photos, etc.


How to Add Your VRBO Properties to VisitMySmokies.com’s Search by Availability Feature

The process for manually adding your eligible properties to VisitMySmokies.com will not change; however, if you want your properties to be included in the new Search by Availability feature, then you will need to connect your VRBO Calendar (iCal) (or AirBNB or other iCal).  Once your calendar is connected, your eligible properties and availability will automatically sync to the website. 

In order to connect your VRBO iCal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your VRBO account.
  2. Select the property you wish to edit.
  3. Click Manage and select Calendar from the dropdown menu. See More
  4. Click the Import/Export arrows icon.
  5. Click Export Calendar. See More
  6. Copy the URL.  See More
  7. Log in to your VMS Partner Portal (https://partner.visitmysmokies.com/login)
  8. From the menu on the left, select My Listings.  See More
  9. Select the same property you selected in VRBO (or AirBNB) and click “Edit”  See More
  10. Paste the URL from your VRBO (or AirBNB) Calendar into the field titled “iCal Link from VRBO for this property”. See More
  11. Click Save. 

Note: In order for your properties to show when users search by availability, you will need to follow the steps above for each of your eligible VRBO properties.


FAQ: How do I know if my business qualifies for a Free listing on this site? Click Here.