What to Expect When You Visit Paula Deen’s Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge

For months, visitors and locals have been keeping a close eye on Paula Deen’s Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN. Said to open sometime by the end of April 2015, we’ve all been patiently awaiting the opening date announcement and details about the new restaurant!

According to Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, it will finally be opening its doors to visitors and guests on April 27, 2015. Keep reading to learn all the details that were just released about the new restaurant in Pigeon Forge.

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What You Can Expect When You Visit Paula Deen’s Pigeon Forge Restaurant 

First ImpressionsEntire pecan pie with a golden crust

The moment you walk in, guests will be greeted with a friendly, “Hey, y’all” from the team of hostesses located next to the front door. From there, the hostesses will either lead you to your table located on the second floor up the escalators or take your name and hand you a pager if they are on a wait.

Don’t be too discouraged, though, if the restaurant is busy when you arrive and you have to wait for a little bit. Not only is the food worth it, but the pagers are promised to cover the entire area of The Island in Pigeon Forge, meaning you can stroll around the dozens of shops and attractions located around Paula Deen’s Pigeon Forge restaurant while you are waiting on your table.

Guests are also encouraged to browse the retail area of the new Pigeon Forge restaurant that encompasses the entire first floor of the building.

Retail Area

As we mentioned, the retail area takes up the entire downstairs of the new Paula Deen restaurant in Pigeon Forge. Here is where guests can find all of their favorite Paula Deen kitchen accessories, including aprons, salt and pepper shakers, place card holders, cooking pans, baking mixes, and more! There are also several t-shirts, glassware, and other home decor items for guests to browse. Our favorite item in the retail area is the butter flavored chapstick!

There is also a replica of Paula’s very own kitchen located in the retail area downstairs. This is the same kitchen that was made famous by her tv show on the Food Network channel.

Family style serving of fried okraDining Room

Upstairs at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is by far the best part of the new Pigeon Forge restaurant. It is where all the food is going to be served!

The dining room is split into three levels so all guests will be able to look out the large bay windows to the fountain display at The Island just outside. What we love most about the layout of the dining room is that the tables are close enough together to accommodate a high volume of guests, but they are far enough apart that you do not feel as if you are sharing your meal with the strangers sitting next to you.

The decor can be described as country chic. The colors inside the new Pigeon Forge restaurant blend perfectly with the other attractions found at The Island in Pigeon Forge, as well as the retail items downstairs.

If you can’t make it up the escalator, there is an elevator located in the back right corner of the retail store. This means that everyone can easily access the dining room upstairs

What’s on the Menu?Cinnamon rolls covered in icing on a platter

Guests planning on visiting Paula Deen’s new Pigeon Forge restaurant are encouraged to come hungry! Everything on their menu is served family style with a twist, and the portions cannot be beaten. The way the staff described it is that the portions are big enough that you think it is all-you-can-eat, but you only get one plate.

To get an idea of how to order at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, here is a guide of what each meal comes with:

  • Breakfast: 3 entrees/meats and 2 sides
  • Lunch: 3 entrees/meats and 4 sides
  • Dinner: 4 entrees/meats and 5 sides

Both lunch and dinner are also served with two feature items, one of which is usually a dessert. Breakfast is served with a complimentary cinnamon roll to help you get the day off right.

Please note, starting off, the new Pigeon Forge restaurant doesn’t plan on offering to-go boxes for meals. This means you can hang out as long as you’d like and eat as much as you can while you’re visiting.

Now, you can’t enjoy a delicious Southern meal without a tall glass of sweet tea to wash it down, and there is no better person in charge of making that tea than the queen of Southern cuisine herself. The sweet tea at Paula’s Family Kitchen stays true to its name. There are also several flavors of syrups that you can add to the tea to make it your own. (Tip: If you find a syrup you love, it is probably for sale downstairs in the retail area.) If sweet tea isn’t your thing, the new Pigeon Forge restaurant also offers tall glasses of sweet lemonade, Coke products, coffee and water to drink.

Take a look at the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus below. Prices are per person.
Paula Deen's Family Kitchen breakfast menu

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen lunch menu

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen dinner menu


Two glasses of Southern style sweet tea with lemon


With the ability to sit up to 300 guests at a time, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is great for families and small groups who want to enjoy a delicious meal at The Island in Pigeon Forge during their vacation. The restaurant does kindly request that parties larger than 10 give them a call in order to help accommodate them. For groups, send an email to Groups@PaulaDeensFamilyKitchen.com so they can make arrangements to accommodate your party.

Because this new Pigeon Forge restaurant has had much anticipation leading up to its grand opening, we can definitely say that it will be quite popular once guests are finally allowed in. The restaurant will offer call ahead seating for up to an hour before you arrive.

Paula Deen Restaurant Hours of Operation Pigeon Forge, TN

Hours for the restaurant will be:

  • Sunday through Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: 7:30 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
  • Lunch is served from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Dinner is served from 4 p.m.-close

We hope you’ll plan on visiting us in Pigeon Forge and enjoying the new restaurant. For more information about other great places to eat, click HERE to read about all of the restaurants in Pigeon Forge.


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  • Charlene Kolera

    Her food isn’t all that, waiting forever and you will be disappointed. Only the touriest go to her place in Savannah
    we know her well

  • Charlene Kolera

    Her food isn’t all that, waiting forever and you will be disappointed. Only the touriest go to her place in Savannah
    we know her well

  • jayhawks

    I’ve got a friend that says her food is great.And she is very hard to please!!!! Some people you can’t please,they need to eat at home!!!!!

  • jayhawks

    I’ve got a friend that says her food is great.And she is very hard to please!!!! Some people you can’t please,they need to eat at home!!!!!

  • Connie Curtis Miller

    i think it sucks if i pay that much for dinner and can’t eat it all and can’t take the rest with me. every place i have ever eaten has to go boxes even places in Pigeon Forge.

  • Cash8022

    I totally agree, Connie. My husband and I were just discussing that. I have never in my life heard of a restaurant not letting you take home leftovers from a meal that you already PAID for! The article specified guests only get one plate, albeit generous. That is unbelievable! I know where we WON’T be dining on our multiple trips to that area every year!

  • Janet Forsythe

    they need to rethink. everyone isn’t a glutton who feels bigger us better. I never eat a whole meal at a restaurant because t h e portions are to big. why would I go somewhere who wants me to pay the whole amount but throw it away. that is just wasteful.

  • hoosierhelen

    I am never able to eat a full portion served at our local Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans. I ALWAYS receive a box to go and I make a 2nd meal out of it. I paid for it…I don’t choose to overstuff my stomach with more than is comfortable. IF she doesn’t offer “to go” boxes…I will not be visiting.

    • Mildred S. Rolen Atchley

      I agree because I cannot eat all my food but if I pay for it I should be able to take the leftovers home with me. I will go elsewhere to eat.

    • Steve Hoyt

      So sorry, its your loss not Paula’s. Take your own to go box.

  • hoosierhelen

    I am never able to eat a full portion served at our local Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans. I ALWAYS receive a box to go and I make a 2nd meal out of it. I paid for it…I don’t choose to overstuff my stomach with more than is comfortable. IF she doesn’t offer “to go” boxes…I will not be visiting.

  • Kathy Fitzgerald

    I ate at “The Lady and Son’s “in Savannah. it was incredible. Ate at Her restaurant @ the Cherokee Casino in NC and it was not as good. I will definitely eat at Her new one here in Pigeon Forge . Can’t wait,

    • Emily Arnwine

      Thanks so much for reading! We hear that this restaurant is quite a bit different than her others, so we hope you’ll enjoy it! After you try it out, let us know how it is!

  • Diana Bechtel Simpson

    I was hoping it would be open when I was there last week, oh well. After reading about it I don’t think I will go…there are no take out boxes and since I have had stomach surgery I can’t eat a full meal at one sitting and from looking at the menu they are large portions and I would just be wasting not only my money, but food as well!

  • CKWest

    Where does it say that they won’t offer “to-go” boxes ? I must have missed it.

    • Susan Kauffman Bryant

      I just went last weekend in Pigeon Forge..they do not allow take home ..I was told they dont even have take out boxes. That rubbed me wrong since it was such a waste of food..next time I will ask for the smaller bowls because they will bring more if you run out.I just hated to see it go to waste..LOTS of delicious food. IT WAS GOOD.

      • CKWest

        That does seem unusual, I’m not sure if I would go either. Thanks for the reply Susan !

  • Cathy Dillon

    remember folks, we all have different tastes. But as far as I am concerned, Sometimes it really isnt all about the food. With the news headlines these days with all the violence, terrorist, and negative attitudes I want a place to help me get away from all of that.Sometimes it’s more about the experience. Listen guys, lifes what you make it. If you are a negative, unhappy person, your not going to be happy anywhere. Just dont pee on everyone elses parade.

  • Tiffany Munson Riley

    We are going in September, and I am so excited to try this restaurant!!! Can’t Wait! I love this style of service, I think it is a great way to try many food options with out having to spend a fortune.

  • Lisa Whitaker Sutton

    I love Paula Deen she is such an inspiration to me I love to cook and someday would love my own sandwich shop and bakery I went to savanna just to go to her restaurant it was delicious going to the one in pigeon forge may 11th for my birthday can’t wait. There is always going to be a few negative people try to bring a good woman down. Wait you have a little something on your face it’s called.JEALOUSY!!!!! You g

  • Alene Tigrett Cannon

    If this was an all you can eat buffet I would understand the “no to go boxes”. But it is not. If I pay for all of the food that is served to me then why can’t I take it home. I cannot stand waste! This is the only reason that I will not be going. I live here and would love to enjoy some good home cooking but not this way.

  • Hannah Jones

    I would just think they would give the option for to go boxes. I never eat all my food in one sitting. So to pay that much for a meal and not to bring the leftovers, no thanks. I think she is making a bad decision doing this, most people now days are on a budget. But I do hope it is a success, I love Paula.

  • MikenFrankfortKy

    What Is all The Whinning an Complaining about, To Go Boxes?…You Dont Get a To Go Box at Kentucky Fried Chickens All U can eat Buffet, and Thats gotten to Be the MOST CRAPPY Food going!

  • Douglas Holloway

    Holly Smoke all this talk about eating at this great restaurant, no thanks for the great food, service etc. All we can take away is the fact that a carry out box was not available so one could load it up with anything loose on the table. Get real people, enjoy the day.

  • Denise Bird-Sharpe

    Resturant was clean and food was ok. But, I asked the server what they did with all the left over food and the server said a pig farmer picks up all the leftover food 2 times a week to feed to his pigs. I was shocked. We couldn’t take the first serving of leftovers home with us but it would be feed to pigs???? Then I asked why couldn’t the donate it to the poor and homeless and he said they didn’t have time to separate and store it for them. I won’t be going back.

  • montel spears

    We ate at Paula Deens at The Island in Pigeon Forge and the food was so delicious! I did hate that you couldn’t get a to go box. I hate to see the food wasted when so many people are in need of a meal. The staff was very nice and the restaurant was clean and no long wait for us. So I enjoyed it other than the waste of food.