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27 April, 2017
Kay Erwin
Visited the Smoky Mountains On
savannah , TN

As a child every year my parents took us to the Smokies. I can remember when there was no Dollywood it was Silver Dollar City that far back. My husband had never been to the mountains so when we got married 22 years ago this June we took our honeymoon at the Smoky Mountains. We were having so much fun I remember we woke up one morning and our car was missing. We called the police and just so happen we had parked down from our hotel and walked back to our hotel that night. So embarrassing but that shows you just how much fun we were having. We had our son in July 2002 and we wanted him to experience the greatness of the mountains. He feel in love with it as we have. I wanted him to have the same experience I did when I was a child. We have keep a tradition when we are able once a year we head to the Smoky Mountains.