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49 thoughts on “Free Smoky Mountain Vacation Contest Entry Confirmation

  1. Avatar for Sharla Robbins
    Sharla Robbins says:

    I would love to win this…I’m 61 and have been there it!!I actually got married in a little chapel in Gatlinburg !!

  2. Avatar for Veronica Jo Mohr-Aguirre
    Veronica Jo Mohr-Aguirre says:

    I’d love to win, my husband and I were married in Gatlinburg 16 years ago, we use to go every year, and for the last 4 years we haven’t been able to afford a vacation or to take the time off, this would truly be awesome.

  3. Avatar for Rick Brown Sr.
    Rick Brown Sr. says:

    This would be a marvelous way for us to celebreate our aniversary. We had our vows renewed at the little chapel for our 15th anniversary, several years ago. We would love to win this getaway vacation.

  4. Avatar for Denise Morris
    Denise Morris says:

    Our 32nd wedding anniversary is on May 2! And we went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for our honeymoon. This would be an excellent way to surprise my husband and be a second honeymoon for us!

  5. Avatar for Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis says:

    I would love to win this trip.My husband and I need to get away after being married for 50 years. We would really enjoy this. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  6. Avatar for Brandi Wilbanks Russell
    Brandi Wilbanks Russell says:

    9 year anniversary coming up and it’s been 4 years since we’ve had a family vacation, it was at the Smokey mountains. Desperately needing a vacation and what a perfect place to spend it. Thank you for the chance, crossing fingers because I love the smokies and there’s no better place to relax and enjoy with family!!!!

  7. Avatar for Dina Green Schnatter
    Dina Green Schnatter says:

    I would love to win ! My identical twin sister passed away next month will be a year . I went to Cades Cove right after she passed. because this place is our most favorite place in the whole wide world.. so I would like to go there again in May this year for her again.

  8. Avatar for Jill Linton
    Jill Linton says:

    would love to win this for my little family. We haven’t been. I’ve heard it’s really pretty and I don’t ever wanna leave

  9. Avatar for Jon Bickford
    Jon Bickford says:

    usually stay at golfview but condo was givin to long term rental for unfortunate people burnt out in fires last fall,i am happy condo went to these people i cant imagine these poor folks lost everything GOD BLESS ALL THOSE AFFECTED BY THE FIRES: THANKS TO DOLLY FOR HER FUND TO HELP THESE PEOPLE. My wife and i are retired and go to Tennessee twice a year when we can i have family in ashville n.c. area.

  10. Avatar for Michael Johnson Jr.
    Michael Johnson Jr. says:

    The last year and half me and my 2 boys had. We could sure use this vacation! We love it up there.

  11. Avatar for Stephanie Huelsman Blackfeathe
    Stephanie Huelsman Blackfeathe says:

    We have never been here before…my husband, son and I rarely take vacations, just us, not with extended family. Can’t afford too. But this would be WONDERFUL!!

    • Avatar for William Reed
      William Reed says:

      Scrape, cut corners, economize any way you can and save, even years, if necessary! It will definitely be worth the effort. So much to offer, so much beautiful scenery, such nice people to be around! Put this on your list to do while your son is with you to enjoy this! It is an experience, not just an outing!

      • Avatar for Stephanie Huelsman Blackfeathe
        Stephanie Huelsman Blackfeathe says:

        Thanks! That’s the plan! Want to make the most of a vacation like this and doing everything possible so we can go!

  12. Avatar for Pam Jefferson
    Pam Jefferson says:

    I lived in the Smokies, in Townsend, for 6 wonderful years! I miss the mountains, the people and the amazing peace I always felt surrounded by the Grace of God. My hope is to return there and with luck, go when I can once again see the Firefly show in Elkmont. My son was a foreman on job sites in Cades Cove and Elkmont campgrounds. He was instrumental in making wheel chair accessible camp sites, and he said with pride “I am leaving a piece of myself here, for others to enjoy for hundreds of years”. We were so very blessed to actually live in a place that some only get to visit once in their lives. I will most definitely return, as those mountains “get in your soul”.

  13. Avatar for Janice Oswald
    Janice Oswald says:

    We visit the Smokies twice a year. Best place ever to vacation. Cant find friendlier people and loads of stuff to do. If you get bored that is your problem

  14. Avatar for Jana West
    Jana West says:

    My husband and I were there in November when the wild fires happened. We wanted to see the Christmas parade. But didn’t get to due to the wild fires. This trip was sad, had to leave early. Not much of a vacation. I love this place. We try to get to the smokies once a year. So I would love to win this vacation.

  15. Avatar for Brenda Bridges Styles
    Brenda Bridges Styles says:

    Never been but would LOVE to go!!! Have not be on vacation in over 16yrs!! Need this so bad!! Good luck to everyone!!

  16. Avatar for Jerry Renfrow
    Jerry Renfrow says:

    The smokies are a great place to relax. Just came back with the granddaughters for spring break. Had a great time.

  17. Avatar for Diana Bechtel Simpson
    Diana Bechtel Simpson says:

    I try to visit a couple times a year. I have taken my daughter and her family and next time I would like to take my son and his! So much to do and see and the mountains are so peaceful and beautiful. I can’t wait to get back.

  18. Avatar for Carol Kanfield
    Carol Kanfield says:

    Married in a church at the base of the Smoky Mountains….our 35th wedding anniversary is in 2-days!

  19. Avatar for Patty L Stapleton
    Patty L Stapleton says:

    This would be great to win. My son is getting married there in October and this would be great to win to help us with money.

  20. Avatar for Melinda Hardy Tomaszewski
    Melinda Hardy Tomaszewski says:

    We had our honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains almost 17 years ago. It was AMAZING! We haven’t had a couples vacation since. 2 kids now, and a much needed couple break is so needed/important now for our marriage and sanity! 🙂 <3

  21. Avatar for Susan Smith Hodge
    Susan Smith Hodge says:

    We haven’t been to the Smokies in over 21 years, it would be great to be able to get back down there.

  22. Avatar for Beth Stone
    Beth Stone says:

    I would really love to celebrate our 30 anniversary there. We love that they have handicapped accessible cabins and the same with all the things you can do ! Best vacation we have ever had. Our anniversary there would be the icing on the cake.

  23. Avatar for Beth Swansboro
    Beth Swansboro says:

    Love the Smokies. Lost my husband to cancer a year ago. We visited every year. Our plans were to retire there. He was a student in the great 70’s at UT. We lived in married student housing in Knoxville. That is when Tennessee became the best place we ever lived. I have friends there. Coming in September. Would have had our 43 wedding anniversary this June. Long for the mountains, and God’s country Cades Cove.

  24. Avatar for Angela Snow
    Angela Snow says:

    I haven’t had a vacation in 4 almost 5 years now I’m a single mom with 2 kids and we love the smokies.. hope we get to go…

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