Pigeon Forge Cabins On Fire

Lines of wooden cabins in Pigeon ForgeSunday evening March 17 Pigeon Forge cabins on fire could be seen from miles away with the mountain side glowing throughout the night. From a cabin fire that is believed to have first started in a the Black Bear Ridge Resort the weather conditions with a warm windy day quickly spread from one neighboring cabin to another changing the landscape of a mountain side overnight.


The Black Bear Ridge Resort and neighboring Trappers Ridge area both were consumed by the Pigeon Forge cabins on fire. The response and action from the Pigeon Forge area to the largest fire the area has ever seen was impressive in the action and ability to evacuate the area timely and safely while containing the blaze.  Firefighters from 25 fire companies and the Tennessee Army National Guard worked together and battled the blaze of 65 structures used many resources fighting flames covering 200 to 300 acres.


The main concern of safety for the people in the area has been top priority and answered with blessings by reports of no injuries.  The secondary concern of the fire rapidly spreading was contained to the mountain side and two communities without reaching the town of Pigeon Forge about 3 miles away.  Both the Black Bear Ridge Resort and neighboring Trappers Ridge area are primarily vacationing residences with most cabins being individually owned and managed through local cabin rental companies.


While the fire that started Sunday afternoon that caught the Pigeon Forge Cabins on fire is now contained midday Monday nearly 20 hours later it is still in the process of being controlled.  There will still be a need from the firefighters and that is only the beginning.  Many will have questions about what properties exactly were destroyed or damaged and can contact the Pigeon Forge Fire Department for updates by calling 865-429-7381.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents, vacationing families, cabin owners, and vacation management companies that have been affected.


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