Top 5 Wineries in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains You Should Visit

apple barn winery
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There is a great selection of wineries in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains you’ll want to visit! You can try all kinds of wines, from muscadine to classic reds. Most places will allow you to taste their wines for free, and you’ll probably like it so much you’ll want to bring some home! Here are the top 5 wineries in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains you should visit:

1. Tennessee Homemade Wines

Wine bottles lined up for saleTennessee Homemade Wines is a great first stop if you want to taste wine in Gatlinburg. They have all kinds of flavors, including blackberry, apple, and peach. There’s also muscadine, reds, and whites. You’ll find all kinds of Tennessee sweet wines, which are their specialty. You’ll have fun tasting different kinds of wines at Tennessee Homemade Wines!

2. Sugarland Cellars Winery

Sugarland Cellars Winery stays true to the area with all of their wines being named after local areas. Elkmont is made from loganberries, which taste like a combination of raspberries and blackberries. Greenbrier is a white wine with tropical and floral notes, and Mountain Laurel is a traditional southern muscadine wine. Have fun with friends and family trying these delicious wines!

3. Goodwater Vineyard

glasses of wine at romantic dinnerOne of the wineries in Gatlinburg you need to try is Goodwater Vineyard. You can walk in and sample a few of their homemade wines for free. The Snapdragon is a light white wine that is semi floral in flavor. There’s also Noble Muscadine for people who enjoy a muscadine wine. It’s not too sweet with a floral finish. Rebecca’s Red is a popular red wine with dark cherries and vanilla notes. Goodwater Vineyard also offers wine slushies for those hot summer days!

4. Apple Barn Cider House

The Apple Barn Winery is a popular winery in the Smoky Mountains. It is located in Sevierville, and they specialize in apple wine. They have a wine tasting bar where you can hang out with your friends and try a few of their special flavors, such as apple blush, apple raspberry, and apple peach. If you find a bottle you like, you can even have it opened at one of the restaurants on site with no corkage fee!

5. Coming Soon: Currahee Vineyards

A glass of red wine being poured.A new winery is coming to the Smoky Mountains! Currahee Vineyards is going to be in the Tower Shops at the Mountain Mile. This winery is based out of Georgia, and you will be able to taste a variety of their wines. You’ll find muscadine wines, apple wine, whites, and reds. You won’t want to miss out on Currahee Vineyards!

There are so many wineries in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains you should try while you’re in town. Want to know what else you should do when you visit the Smokies? Here are more things to do in the Smoky Mountains!


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