Cultural Exchange in the Smoky Mountains

It’s probably not the first thing you think about when you think about the Smoky Mountains – Chinese acrobats. But it just so happens that since 2007, an amazing group of performers has been calling Sevier County home and wowing audiences with their skill and grace.

Cirque De Chine offers two hours of non-stop entertainment. Their performers fly through the air, dive through hoops 10 feet in the air, race motorcycles in a 26-foot steel globe, and ride a unicycle on a tightrope, among other acts. All this without a safety net!

They have matinee and evening shows and can
accommodate large groups, including tours. With a theatre that seats more than
1,700, there is sure to be plenty of room for everyone. In October, they will
be hosting a Shanghai Cultural Festival. This is the third year of the
festival, which features exhibitions, demonstrations and performances by some
of Shanghai’s most celebrated artists.

It’s hard to describe what these performers are
capable of doing and give it justice. It really is something you have to see to
believe. The amount of hours it takes to practice to make sure every jump,
twist and turn is executed perfectly must be staggering. The next time you head
to Sevier County, think about seeing some amazing acrobats who you won’t find
at your typical performing arts theater.


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