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Smoky Mountain Winery

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About Smoky Mountain Winery

Stop into the Smoky Mountain Winery in Gatlinburg and enjoy a taste of the area’s best vino. Since 1981, this winery has been producing the best wines, winning both national and international awards. This quaint winery not only offers samples of more than 20 of its award-winning wines but also offers tours of the facility where you can learn about the art of wine making. You also have the opportunity to purchase your own wine and other gifts so you can take a piece of the Smoky Mountain Winery home with you!

If you love wine, the Smoky Mountain Winery is where you need to be on your Smoky Mountain vacation!

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For more information, call 865-436-7551

450 Cherry Street, Suite 2, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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