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Lazerport 4D Theater

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About Lazerport 4D Theater

You’ve never seen anything like the LazerPort 4D Theater! The 4D interactive motion theater has a 180-degree cylindrical screen, 180-degree surround film vision, six projectors, surround sound and a special 4D chair that puts you inside the film. Imagine sitting in a 4D chair built in with special effects such as vibration, falling sensation, water spraying, wind blowing and leg ticklers – it’s the ultimate theater experience for couples, families and large groups!

The LazerPort 4D Theater is located inside the LazerPort Fun Center and is part of the Pigeon Forge Fun Zone. The theater shows more than 10 films including Deep Sea Adventure, where you’ll experience an underwater world full of colorful fish and plants; The Lost Island, about a undiscovered tropical island and the dangerous jungle; and Escape from Bane Manor, a spooky story about a haunted castle. Call ahead for show times and complete list of films.

Don’t miss this unique experience at the LazerPort 4D Theater. It’s fun for the whole family!

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For more information, call 865-453-0400

2782 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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